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Introducing: The World’s best 100% Pure Kona Coffee Beans.

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Coffee from Kona Peaberry and Extra Fancy 100% Best Kona Coffee Beans.

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You’ve Bought the Best Coffee Beans. What’s next?

Whether you ordered them online or picked them up at our Hawaiian store, you now have that precious bag of delicious-smelling Kona coffee beans. It’s time for the most crucial part of preserving the freshness of your Kona coffee:


Move Them to an Airtight Container

If your coffee beans come in a sealed, one-way valve, foil bag with a pinhole, you can probably ignore this advice. Those bags generally keep your coffee fresh for one to two weeks, which should give you plenty of time to enjoy your coffee.

However, if your Kona coffee beans come in a paper bag, move them to an opaque, independent media promotion airtight coffee canister as soon as you get home.

Note: Don’t tighten the lid if you have freshly roasted Kona coffee beans. They’ll be releasing carbon dioxide, and you don’t want to warp or burst your container with gas buildup.

Coffee from Kona

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